Avita laptop detailed Review? Is Avita laptops are good or not

Here we are going to discuss Avita laptop in a detailed view. While choosing a laptop we need to check lots of things while buying a laptop. In this article, I am going to discuss everything related to the Avita Pura laptops. As we know that technology is growing day by day, So according to the need of the time we will have to be updated with the technology. These are some of the important things regarding Avita laptop Detailed Review. So you will have to be updated with the time.


I want to explain to you about this with the help of an example. You can not use the laptop of 1990 in the 20th century. The features of both laptops are quite different. So you will have to be updated in the manner of the laptops. Now I am going to give you the Avita laptop Detailed Review. While buying a laptop you need to understand everything regarding then you can be able to buy your best Avita laptop.

Avita Pura detailed Review


Avita is a brand of Hong Kong. It launches a series of laptops that looks really stylish. It has been supplying many commercial laptops in India since November 2018. It consists of everything whether we talk of the design or we talk about the battery or the functions. This is a full package of a premium laptop. This is a laptop that is in small size so that you can carry it easily.

The most important thing about this laptop is that it is a non-Chinese company. It is being owned by the Hong Kong company called Nexstgo. It has been producing and selling many laptops in the market since 2018. These are some of the best regarding the Avita company. Now we will talk about the some best features of Avita laptops.

Features of Avita pura

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  • The Avita Pura is available in lightweight and svelte.
  • Due to its body design, it is one of the slimmest laptops in the market.
  • It has 14 inches full HD display.
  • It is portable and easy to carry from one place to another.
  • The Avita Pura is available in 9 different colour variants.
  • For video chatting there is a availability of webcam.
  • Flexible keyboards so that it is easy for typing.
  • All types of ports are available in this laptop. So there will be good experience in the connectivity process.

When we are talking about the Avita laptop Detailed Review then the most important thing that comes is the specification or the features of the laptop. While purchasing a laptop then we will have to be aware of its processor, battery life, ram, rom and many things. So that the proper functioning of the laptop will be done. Avita pura is consits of different series. I will explain some of the series of the Avita Pura. So that there might not be any confusion.

AVITA PURA NS14A6 specifications and features


The Avita Pura is being powered by the moderately powerful 8th generation core i3 processor. There is a availability of 256 SSD so that it can provide you with high speed for the functioning of your laptop. It operates on the windows 10 (64 bits) that comes pre installed. It comes with the RAM of 4 GB but it can be later expanded to 8 GB. There is a good battery backup that consists of 2 cells that can be run upto 10 hours. When we will talk about its disply then it comes with the (1920*1080) full HD display.

Perfomance of AVITA PURA NS14A6

As it has 8th generation core i3 processor. It is going to give you the best performance on this laptop on this price range. This is going to be the best laptop under this price range. You can experience the multi-tasking and the lag-free programs and the regular tasks that you do on your laptops. As there is the availability of the 256 SSD it enhances the speed of the laptop. Moreover, the 4GB ram works well for the daily uses. Although the 8 GB ram work seamlessly.

The display of this laptop is good in quality having good contrast level. That is best for watching videos and playing games. The main thing about this laptop is its battery. You can work up to 5 hrs continuously on a single charge.

Washout of AVITA PURA NS14A6

If you want to use this laptop for long duration continuosly then it will get heated up.The quality of the webcam is not good. It can be improved.
Users who are into heavy gaming will be left disappointed as the games can be runs only in low setting.

Is Avita laptops are good or not ?

This is the most important question that I have to answer in this article. Many people get confused while purchasing a laptop. Which one will be suitable for them.

If we will look on the functions of the Avita laptop Detailed Review. Then we will be able to understand the features and the specification of these laptops. If we will understand everything regarding this laptop then we can choose it easier for our work. It provides a really good performance due the core i3 processor. It’s definitely not a gadget we would recommend to power users, but to someone looking for a feature-packed laptop delivering good performance in carrying out regular tasks, we certainly would. These laptop may be good for the students or the small offices use.


Here I have mentioned Avita laptop Detailed Review. After reading this full article you will be able to understand about the specifications, features of the Avita pura laptops. As there are numbers of series of these laptops present all are having different features. You can buy any of them according to your need. Many of you thinking we should buy this laptop or not? So my answer for this question is yes if you are a student then you can buy this laptop. These are some of the important things reagrding the Avita pura detailed review. I hope that you might like the article.

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