Processor Explained in detail: what is core i3, i5, i7

Here I am going to talk about everything regarding the core i3, i5, i7 processor of the laptops. I will be sharing different types of processor and their functions too. After reading this one you will be able to choose the best laptop for you in terms of the processor. As we all know that every people buy laptops for their own use. Now every laptop doesn’t have the same purpose as all the laptops are having different processors. So you will have to be careful while buying the laptop. Suppose if you need a gaming laptop then the processor of this laptop will completely different and it will have a heavy processor for the functioning of the proper gaming experience.

While buying a laptop it is a very confusing task for us to decide the processor of the laptop because we are not aware of the proper functioning of the processors. There is a high chance that your laptop will have intel processor and some of the bends with the AMD chips. In this guide, I will be explaining everything regarding the processors.

Basic Key Terms of the processors

At first we will talk about the key terms related to the processor then we can clearly understand about the processor. If we will clearly understand about it then we can easily buy the best processor for our laptop.

The first thing is the speed. The speed of the clock is measured in the Gigahertz (GHz). It stands for the number of work that can be done by a computer in a single second. In simple words decide the speed of the computer that how many operations can be done in a second. While comparing Laptop/desktop models. You will notice a higher clock speed when opening programs, files and exporting photos.

The second most important thing about the processor is the cores. Basically there are two types of cores. The first one is the dual-core and second one is quad cores. It is part of the laptop/desktop chips. The more core you have as good as it decides the no of tasks that can be performed at the same time. If you have more cores then you can easily run multiple tasks at the same time. Some newer models have six and even eight cores in order to make them more comfortable or fastest.

Difference between core i3, i5, i7, Its very complicated

Where are at this point where the things get very confusing. As all the numbers look similar. After reading this you will be able to decide to differentiate between core i3, i5, i7 processors easily. In respect to the power of the Pc, you will have to check the model of the processor. For example, a computer that’s labelled as having a ‘Core i5’ processor could have any number of different specifications. So you will have to watch the model number clearly.

I would like to explain it with the help of the example suppose you have to take core i5. Its model number will be any of them, Core i5-7400, Core i5 7600K, Core i5 7300U, Core i5-7500HQ, Core i5-7400T and Core i5 7Y57. The trend applies to i3 and i7 chips, too. So you will have to be aware while watching the processor model.

Now I am going to explain to you about the suffix that gives you the most information about what sort of processor you’re looking at.

  • No suffix
  • T suffix
  • K suffix
  • U suffix
  • HQ suffix
  • Y in the middle

The Core i3, i5, i7 have been around for three years approx. But some of the users still bet out while choosing the processor of their computer

Core i7 processors are usually better than the core i5 processors and these both are usually better than the core i3. The word usually does a bit of heavy lifting here, since a close comparison newer or higher-spec Core i5 processor might see it comes out ahead of an older Core i7 one. Although, the above trend is true more times than not.

Always remember that it doesn’t mean that core i7 will have 7 cores or core i3 processors will have 3 cores. This is the power of the processor that how much work they can do at the same time. It is true that in the past years processor core count has been increased. The time is changing and the demand of the laptop is also growing.

Cores counts and clock speed

The core i3 contains entirely quad core. Core i5 contains CPUs for desktop PCs boast 6-cores But core i5 processors gain approx quad cores. Mean while core i7 processor contains upto quad core upto octa-core.

If we will make it simple then the functioning of the core is to run different tasks at the same time. You have quad-core then you can run some tasks at the same time. If you have octa-core then you can run multiple tasks at the same time. Basically this is the normal way of understanding about the cores.

The clock speed of the CPUs also matters in the making your Pc strong along with the number of the cores. This clock speed is measured in Gigahertz (GHz), It simple work is to measure the default speed of the processor on which it works. You can measure the relative permofrmance power of your computer with this tool. due to thermal restrictions, processors with more cores tend to operate at a lower clock speeds. A processor with the fastest spped will operate properly as compared with the slower one.

Generations in laptops processors

Basically generations are the age of the CPU. All the generations are having better features and strong then the other one. There are lots of difference between the 4th generation laptop and 7th generation laptops. One more difference between the generation of the laptop is that it uses less amount of energy as compared to earlier generations. If they will use less energy then they will work or perform effectively. In my view, i5 Processor laptops are the best affordable high-performance machines which will let you perform almost all types of tasks. If you have the choice between a 7th and 8th gen and there’s only a small price difference, picking the newer model is a good choice.

core i3

Cache in processor

It is the hardware cache that is being used by the central processing unit (CPU). It is used by the CPU to reduce the average time to access the data from the main memory. A cache in the processor stores copies of the data from frequently used main memory locations.

There are three types or the levels of the cache L1, L2, L3. It is again divided according to the speed and thus the size of the cache. Now you might be thinking which one is the best level of the cache in terms of the processor? L1 (Level 1 ) It is the fastest memory cache present in the computer system.

Basically CPU cache is a type of memory where the data of the computer is being stored. Moreover, the computer has many memories inside it, so it is one of them. These are some of the important things regarding the cache of the CPU. Now you can decide the best CPU cache for your computer. in my view level 1 cache is the best one cache ever.


In this article, I have mentioned a detailed explanation about the processors such as core i3, i5 and i7. I have mentioned the proper functioning of the processor. Moreover, I have also mentioned about the core of its speed and its real functioning. you can also differentiate between the generations and the clocks count the speed of the processor.

You might be thinking that why choosing the best processor is important? It is important as it allows you to perform different tasks at the same time. There are several things that you will have to notice before buying a laptop. If you will buy a laptop with a good processor then you can play better games and run heavy applications in your computer system without any problem. These are some of the important things regarding the processor of the computer. The laytest generation of the laptop is Intel’s CPU family are new 14-nanometer Intel Core U- and Y-series chips. This is the best laptop processor, if you will do all these comparison and buy the best processor laptop then you can run different heavy programs on your compuetr without any difficulty.

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