Intel vs AMD detailed review which should I buy?

You are a computer user and you used to run heavy programs on your computer but your processor is not good that’s why your computer is too slow. So you need to get a great processor for your computer so that the programs may run easily. In this article, I am going to discuss the Intel vs AMD detailed review. Moreover, I will also tell you which one to buy for your computer. Both are the multinational semiconductor company that develops processors for the market. No doubt both are having great processor but today I will make you clear everything regarding these two companies. So that you may decide which one is better for you.

If you are looking for the best gaming PC, then you will have two option to choose your processor Intel or AMD. That fact has spawned an almost religious following for both camps, and the resulting flamewars, that make it tricky to get unbiased advice about the best choice for your next processor. But there are many people who are in the favour of the AMD users. This is going to be the biggest argument between the AMD and the Intel processors. This is going to be compared on the basis of performance, Pricing, Driver support, Security and power consumption. These are some of the factors on which I am going to compare AMD and Intel processors.

Gaming performance: Intel Vs AMD

You need the best gaming experience on your phone and hence you are going to need the best processors for your computer. Intel holds the edge in per-core performance, It is going to offer you best snappy performance. Here you are going to receive the power to play different and games and run the heavy applications.

In any case, the comparison among Intel and AMD’s equivalently valued chips frequently does not merit the premium, at any rate for most of the aficionados. You would be unable to see the little contrasts in gaming execution at the head of the AMD versus Intel stack, yet things are more entangled in the mid-extend. Alluding back to our past classification, estimating is a definitive gauge, and AMD pulls off a couple of key successes in the mid-go where the vast majority of us shop, however, Intel’s Core i5-10600K presents a convincing lead in its value section, making it the most alluring gaming chip for around $260.

As far as coordinated illustrations execution, there’s no beating AMD. The organization’s current-gen Picasso APUs offer the best exhibition accessible from incorporated illustrations, and the Renoir arrangement expands on that advantage. Be that as it may, the Renoir chips are just accessible in pre-manufactured frameworks from OEMs and SIs for the present. That didn’t prevent us from getting our hands on a chip, and you can see the noteworthy presentation in our Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G survey.

Result: Intel wins this round because we measure strictly by the absolute top performance possible. If you are a true gamer and hates the lag in your game then you can use this processor and you will be enjoying the game easily and with comfort.

Pricing: Intel Vs AMD

Pricing is the most important thing while you are purchasing anything. Moreover, every people can’t afford high-cost things. Sphere I am going to compare the AMD and the Intel processors on the basis of their pricing. Generally, AMD is hard to beat in the value-wise. It’s another thing that XT series processors are not one of them. Apart from the value department, you are going to receive many additional features or advantages. Like fully overclockability and bundled coolers on most of the models. Here you are going to receive the broad compatibility of the motherboard. It comes with AM4 that supports the forward and backward capability. It ensures you that you are not getting the processor only along with this you are getting the motherboard features also.

AMD also allows you overclocking on all the series but when it comes to the A series it is really another boon for the users. In the battle of the AMD and the Intel processors, we haven’t put the light on the actual silicon yet. AMD processor is going to offer you threads and faster PCIe 4.0 connectivity or more cores at every single price point.

Not only intel charges premium for its overclockable K series SKUs. Always sure about the budget if you are thinking to overclocking on the Intel processors. Intel doesn’t allow overclocking on B- or H-series motherboards. Intel has a long history of rapid socket transactions. It means that we are taking the new processors in the old board or we can say that placing the old processor on the new board.

While AMD is going to offer you the most bang for your money. You are expected to pay a premium for the great performance products. When we will talk about the Ryzen 9 3950X it has long enjoyed a commanding performance lead over AMD processors in many metrics. AMD also recently introduced its Ryzen 9 3900XT, Ryzen 7 3800XT and Ryzen 5 3600XT processors, These are some of the processors that are being launched by the AMD.

Result: In my views, AMD wins. According to the comparison AMD CPU and the Intel processors. If you are looking for integrated graphic pair with more than four cores than intel is the best choice for this one feature. Althiugh AMD has its own  eight-core Renoir chips now shipping to OEMs and SIs for pre-built systems. These are some of the features of both the processors on whcih we have decided the best processors for you.

Specification and features: Intel vs AMD


Now I am going to compare both the processors on the basis of the specifications and the features. Intel is offering Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core i9, and Cascade Lake-X families. Where as when it comes to AMD has Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9. I want tocompare both the processors with the help of the example. So that you may be able to decide which one is better for you.

We will start from the threadripper 3990X Its price is approx $3,990. It may be vary from the real one. So dont be worried about it. You are going to receive 64 cores in this processor and 128 threads. This comes with the 2.9 base and 4.3 boost GHz. It has the availability of 256 L3 cache. It comes with the memory of Quad DDR4-3200. So these are some fo the basic highlights of this processor. That will surely boost your gaming experience.

Now we will take an example from the intel processor that is Core i9-10980XE. Its price si approx $979, it may be vary from the real one so dont be panic after watcing the real price. Here you are going to receive 18 cores and 36 threads. I comes with the 3.0 base and 4. boost Ghz. More oevr there si availability of 24.75 L3 cache. Here you are goingt o receive 165W TDP. It comes with the memory of Quad DDR4-2933. Basically these are some of the important specifications of the processors.

If we willl watch the comparision then we can decide that AMD holds  64 cores and 128 threads in its flagship. Moreover Intel classified its highest-end lineup into two classes. The first one is  Xeon W-3175X  and the second one is  W-3265.

Result: When we have seen the specifications of the Intel vs AMD. AMD offers you best cores and threads at every price point. Support for faster memory and have more cache also. So these are some for the important difference between the AMD and the Intel CPU.


In this article I have mentioned about the differennce between the Intel and the AMD processors. Moreover, you can also say it as a Intel vs AMD. Here you are going to receive lots of points on which you can decide the best processor for your computer. Whether you are a gamer or you run heavy software son your computer then you can use these processors for your computer. I hope this was a helpful article for you.

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