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Top 4 Best laptop under 30,000 in December 2020

After covid-19 spread in india laptops price are gone to high because of import-export issues , boycott chinese products and several others reasons, But now laptops are available in normal price so in this article i will tell you top 4 best laptops under 30000 in december 2020. So When You have ...

Asus expertbook p2 detailed review

Finally, Asus has launched its new brand in the market. In this article, I am going to give you a detailed review about the Asus expertbook p2 detailed review. As we all know that how much a review is helpful any product purchasing. If a person reads the review then he is clear about the products ...

HDD vs SSD: Which one is better in 2020

Here I am going to talk about the HDD vs SSD: Which one is better for your computer. Are you running out of the storage? Your computer is not able to crawl your queries? Then it is the time for the up-gradation of your hardware. You will have to upgrade your hardware then only your computer will ...

How to take screenshot on Laptop in simple ways

You may listen to the screenshot in mobile and it is being used by you to capture the screen of the mobile. But have you ever thought of taking a screenshot in the laptop? But before this, In this article, I am going to talk how to take screenshoot on laptop. we will also talk about the several ...

Best laptop under 35000 in October

Here I am going to discuss the best laptop under 35000 in October. As we all know that technology is growing according to the time. So we need to be updated with the time. If you are thinking to buy a new laptop in the month of this October then this is going to the best place where you will get ...

Explanation of RAM in detail; types of RAM

Here I am going to discuss the explanation of RAM in detail as we all know that it stands for Random access memory. This is a type of computer memory that can be changed and read in any order. It is computer hardware, RAM is the main memory in a computer and is versatile in nature. It is volatile ...

Best laptop under 30000 in October 2020

Here I am going to discuss the best laptop under 30000 in October 2020. As we all know that daily a new laptop has been introduced in the market. Have you noticed ever that what is the reason behind producing a new laptop daily? The main reason behind this is that it has been developed with the ...

Intel vs AMD detailed review which should I buy?

You are a computer user and you used to run heavy programs on your computer but your processor is not good that's why your computer is too slow. So you need to get a great processor for your computer so that the programs may run easily. In this article, I am going to discuss the Intel vs AMD ...

Top 5 budget graphics card for heavy gaming in 2020

You are a gamer and used to play games on your PC. So you need a great graphic card for your PC in order to run heavy games. Graphics cards are the centre of attention for any gaming personal computer. The main thing about this is that if you are not able to choose the best graphic cards for you ...

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