How to choose perfect laptop | Here is the complete laptop buying guide

You must check this things before buying a laptop

So guys when you are going to buy a laptop you must know what are the hardware requirments according to your usage and which processor is good whats the performance of that laptop which you are going to buy did you got required or some necessary features.

7 Things to consider when buying a laptop

  1. Performance
  2. Ram
  3. Graphics & Gaming
  4. Storage
  5. Display
  6. Operating System
  7. Other Feautres

Performance :-

So our first priority is performance and for better performance we need good processor. Many type of processor available in the market u should select a good processor which is suitable for your needs the right processor would depend on the kind of applications you wish to run. Here’s a quick reference guide to help you select the right processor.

complete laptop buying guide
complete laptop buying guide
complete laptop buying guide
complete laptop buying guide

complete laptop buying guide
complete laptop buying guide
complete laptop buying guide
complete laptop buying guide

RAM :-

Ram also known as temporary memory. The higher amount of ram is always better but that doesn’t means you are adding 16 gb of ram on i3 processor that doesn’t a good deal 4gb ram is enough for core i3 processor at the maximum 8gb. However, here’s an indication of what you can expect from laptops with varied RAM configurations.

complete laptop buying guide

Graphics & Gaming :-

Now the graphic card also reffered as GPU is needed when you are going to play high-end games or you want to run high graphics softwares for video editing and rendering Having the latest series of a dedicated graphics processor ensures the best gaming performance.

complete laptop buying guide
complete laptop buying guide
Light Gaming and image editing
Dedicated 1 GB

Advanced gaming experience or video editing
Dedicated 2 GB
Professional gaming, animation, 3D rendering
Dedicated 4 GB or Above

Storage :-

Now the storage depend on your requirment you can select 500GB / 1TB or More but there is mainly two type of storage devices are available first one hdd and second is hdd the difference is price and speed ssd is much faster then hdd and also costly then hdd.Here’s a quick guide on the various storage capacities and how much content they can store.

complete laptop buying guide
complete laptop buying guide

If you want faster then storage device want boot quickly you dont have bulky data then you should go with ssd.

complete laptop buying guide
complete laptop buying guide
Stores data on magnetic discs
Stores data on memory chips

Available in higher capacity
Comparatively available in lower capacities

Moderate in data transfer
Faster in terms of data tranfer

More power consumption
Less power consumption

Cheaper when it comes to per GB cost
Expensive on per GB cost.


When comes to display screen size and pixel are key factors. Higher resolution allows you to fit more content on the screen while making content (text and images) sharper and more pleasant to the eye.


  • Offers 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Found in entry-level laptops
  • Good for basic tasks


  • Offers 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Found in premium and gaming laptops
  • Good for entertainment and productivity apps


  • Offers 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Found in high-end laptops
  • Consider it if you watch a lot of 4K content


Finding the sweet spot which offers the desired level of portability while offering an adequate amount of screen real estate is the key to determining the screen size.


complete laptop buying guide
  • If you plan to travel frequently
  • When looking for a lightweight laptop
  • Primarily use the laptop for office applications


complete laptop buying guide
  • Perfect balance between screen size and portability
  • Mixed usage of office applications as well as entertainment
  • Optimal performance and storage space


  • Entertainment-oriented Laptop
  • Portability is not too important for you
  • More USB ports and an optical drive


An operating system manages the hardware and software resources of a computer, while also providing common services that are essential to all software on the system.

Mac OS

  • Great user interface
  • Applications run without lag
  • UNIX-based code makes the OS more secure
  • Apps are malware and virus-free as they are curated by Apple; limited choice of apps

Windows OS

  • Most popular
  • Compatible with most hardware and software
  • Supports third-party programs
  • User interface can be customized
  • Easy to multitask using multiple windows
  • Try apps and software before buying them
  • Share data across all synced, compatible devices
  • Enhance, edit and organise photos
  • Access systems using virtual desktop
  • Features Cortana, the personal assistant with voice recognition


Laptops that ship with Linux-based, open-source, operating systems or DOS operating systems are suitable for programmers and coders. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux-based operating system that has an appealing graphical user interface. Laptops that come with Ubuntu can be used for basic applications like web browsing and media consumption.Chrome OS

  • Available only on Chromebooks
  • Apps can be added through the Chrome Store
  • Web-based
  • Mostly free applications
  • Google has announced Google Play Store will be added to all Chromebooks by 2016
  • Features Google’s built-in malware and virus protection


How to choose perfect laptop

Touchscreens make computer interfaces simpler. Just as you would on a smartphone, you can tap to select, hold and drag to move items, swipe to scroll and pinch to zoom.

This feature is currently available on a few Windows laptops and on a few Chromebooks.FAST CHARGING

Useful feature when you need to charge your laptop in the least amount of time.BACKLIT KEYBOARD

Makes typing easy when using the laptop in low-light environments.ULTRA SLIM BEZEL DISPLAY

Provides a larger screen in a smaller form factor. It looks good as well.USB TYPE-C PORTS

How to choose perfect laptop

Latest connectivity makes for fast data transfers with external storage devices.FINGERPRINT READER

How to choose perfect laptop

Fingerprint-based login is useful when laptop access and security is a concern.

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