Zinx N-Series N526HU Thin Client – Access Terminal with 1GHz Dual Core Processor(A7) :: 512MB RAM :: 4GB ROM


Price: ₹ 3,299.00 - ₹ 2,199.00
(as of Sep 24,2021 22:12:04 UTC – Details)

N526HU is the most economical computing solution for small / medium business or educational Institutions that need several computers for their application usage or project development. Users can run any applications which are installed in a server, each by using his own thin client machine. N526HU is big on features, boots up swiftly and logs in to server securely and operates efficiently with impressive performance, all with enterprise quality with positioning option of Desktop or Display back, consumes just 4 watt and provides the organization quieter and smoother working environment. N526HU with its powerful ARM Processor design is unique in its category of thin clients and dominates in performance and user satisfaction. Supports both Windows & Linux applications with sound output feature.
SIMPLE CLICK AND PLAY : N-526HU connects to the host server with a Remote Desktop connection. Just click the shortcut for a Remote Desktop session, you can immediately start a session and enjoy the computing resources.
CENTRALISED COMPUTING: The N526HU Thin Client is an incredible tool which reduces the clutter and complexity. It can connect up to 100 users with a server for multi-user computing.
Additional computing access is as simple as adding more I/O devices. The total cost of ownership is then drastically reduced, with ongoing management savings of 75% and power savings of over 90%.
EASY TO MANAGE : Since all computing tasks are mainly performed on a server, all hardware and software issues are significantly reduced on the client side. All user management, software installations, system management, and upgrades are done on a single server.


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